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Sledovanie zásielok

Shopping online? Sending or receiving mail of the Slovak Post? Do you use courier services? Watch them comfortably in your smartphone!

Application Sledovanie zásielok is convenient for tracking the status of your shipments. Allows you to track shipments and packages that you are receiving (letter, goods from e-shop or just a package from the family) but also those that you are sending (goods for customers, an important contract or just a registered letter) from your device comfortable, clearly, anywhere.

Currently support:
- Slovak post
- more in next update

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Update 1.1:
- added Slovak Parcel Service (UPS)

Update 1.0.2:
- available installation for iPod Touch
- iPhone 5 compatible
- e-shop communication API   (sledovanie zasielok API 1.0)

Coming soon:
Adding iCloud synchronization support
Are you a courier service? Want you offer more to your customers ? Contact us at and can be added to our application absolutely Free.

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